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Course Profile: Advanced Design 1

contributed by Nathaniel Phillips

The third and final project for Kristen Spilman’s Advanced Design 1 class was an extensive, collaborative effort that culminated in the exhibition, Sameness, currently on view on the third floor of the Brown Center.

We first developed individual projects that represented our interpretation of the word “code.” After a preliminary group brainstorm, we continued to solidify our concepts and design directions.

By the time the class reconvened the following week, each designer had established his or her own unique direction. Still, it was apparent that there was a common denominator—a subtle, underlying thread of discovery and translation through interactivity—tying each piece to the next. This is exactly what makes the final result so fascinating; the exhibit is remarkable in its simultaneous diversity and cohesiveness.

Following the completion of our individual projects, the class was split into three groups: exhibition, print, and web. The exhibition team established the show’s layout and designed the stunning wall graphics, while the latter two designed the accompanying twenty-page catalogue, and the companion website.